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Displaying a Panel

Panels of all sizes can be fixed to conventional windows with special foam centred adhesive tape. Unless we receive alternate instructions, all Radiance Stained Glass panels will be supplied with this tape already applied to the back. If you later choose not to fix your panel to a 'host' window, the tape can be removed or used as a cushion between the panel and any window it leans against.

Free standing Garden Panels are supplied with their own display frames and their price already takes account of this. Hanging garden panels etc are made with rings ready mounted into their lead surround. These rings enable a chain or strong cord of your choice to be attached to the panel which allows it to hang from any suitable fixing.


We can also frame your panel in a deep box frame. Please Contact Us for individual pricing.

Finally, a small range of display stands can be ordered from us to hold panels without the need to attach them to a 'host' window.

flat stand circle stands
flat stand circle stands

Simple Glass Stand

£ 25.00

3 Point Glass Stand 8"

£ 20.00


3 Point Glass Stand 10"

£ 22.00

lamp base acrylic stand
lamp base acrylic stand

Hexagonal Lamp Base

£ 26.00

Medium Acrylic Stand"

£ 5.00


Large Acrylic Stand

£ 5.00